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    Karl Sauer saved Stoddard Peak Trail

    13 days ago

    Karl Sauer reviewed Mount Baden Powell Trail

    16 days ago

    Got an early start, around 8am, along with a good group of people planning on doing some trail maintenance! Nice cool breeze during the assent with plenty of shade along the way. Was a steep hike consisting of switchbacks all the way. Plenty of space on top to kick back and relax. Even got buzzed by a glider. Started to warm up on the way down but the trees shaded us plenty. Overall a very good hike. Would highly recommend! Trail is easy of the feet. Hardly any rocks or big steps. Enjoy.

    Karl Sauer completed Mount Baden Powell Trail

    16 days ago

    Karl Sauer saved Timber Mountain

    22 days ago

    Karl Sauer reviewed South Fork Trail to Dry Lake

    2 months ago

    Hiked this trail 2 weeks age and the trail was snow bound last mile or so. Dry Lake was completely snow bound. Beautiful! Yesterday’s hike was completely different. Just traces of snow on the trail only at the very top and The snow was completely gone up top. Dry lake was wet again. Beautiful! Very good time to hike this trail. Sun was out, but there was a cool breeze making it very comfortable!

    Karl Sauer reviewed South Fork Trail to Dry Lake

    3 months ago

    Love this hike! First time I did it in the winter with plenty of snow on the top couple of miles. Was a cold start around 8am, but the sun came up quickly and it turned out to be a beautiful day to hike. No snow for the first half of the hike, but after the creek crossing and the beginning of the switchbacks the snow was constant to the top at Dry Lake. Snow was pretty frozen in the morning, but I kept from slipping by hiking in previous footsteps. Should have put my micro spikes on, but was lazy. Dry Lake was beautiful full of snow, but cold and windy, so I didn't stay too long. Took my time going down, with several breaks to enjoy my thermos of coffee and bagel. Only ran into a hand full people along the way. Got back to the trail head around 2pm. Was pretty tired because hiking in the snow took its toll. Great day though. Would highly recommend this trail anytime, but the winter hike was special.

    Karl Sauer reviewed South Fork to Dollar Lake Trail

    9 months ago

    Hiked to Dollar Lake this morning with overcast skies! Beautiful day for a hike. Most of the trail is well maintained except for the short segment hiking down to Dollar Lake. A lot of fallen trees blocking the trail. I gave up and just looked down. Looked dry to me. Several stream were still flowing along the way. Beautiful scenery. Good day hike

    Karl Sauer reviewed Momyer Creek Trail to Dobbs Cabin

    10 months ago

    Great hike through the woods with Alger Creek and Falls Creek along the way. Always motivating to hear the sounds of cascading streams. Trail is well kept and easy to follow. Lightly traveled. Only a few other hikers on the trail all day and the camp sites were empty. Mild day with clear skies! Does get a little hot on the way out because of the lack of shade down low in the last mile or so. I would recommend trying it out!

    Karl Sauer reviewed Momyer Creek Trail to Robb's Peak

    10 months ago

    Got a later start so I knew that I wasn't going to make it to the top, made it about 2/3 of the way. The first 3 miles, before the fork to Dobbs Camp, was steep but doable. The trail is well maintained. I took the fork to San Bernardino Peak which was a different story. A lot of logs on the trail to hop over and a lot of over grown bushes crowding the trail. Still the views were fantastic, plenty of tree cover and a cool breeze down the canyon. Good hike, but I should have taken the fork to Dobbs Camp. Next time

    Karl Sauer reviewed San Bernardino Peak Trail via Angelus Oaks

    11 months ago

    Arrived at the trailhead about 7am Sunday morning and got the last parking space. All other had to park back away on the dirt road to the trailhead. The trail is well groomed. Started at about 6000 ft and the peak is around 10500 ft in about 8 miles. Took me 4 hours up and pushed it to get back down in about 3 hours. There's a small spring about half way for good water. The weather was fairly cool to start and there is good tree canopy cover off and on all the way to the top. Needless to say the views are spectacular. Highly recommended!

    Karl Sauer reviewed Forsee Creek Trail

    11 months ago

    Nice trail. Start around 6500 and finish at the saddle around 10500. Around 13 miles round trip. Beautiful weather. Pine trees all the way so plenty of shade and a constant grade up and down, trail is less than 1/3 rocky. So easy on the feet and lite traffic. Only ran into 2 groups of hikers all day. Only thing, don't drive your Honda to the trail head, dirt road is rough!!!! Other than that I highly recommend this hike.

    Karl Sauer completed Forsee Creek Trail

    11 months ago

    Karl Sauer reviewed South Fork Trail to Dry Lake

    11 months ago

    Picked up the permit just after 7am and was on the South Fork Trail just before 8am. Sun was out early but it was a mild morning. First couple of miles were through fire damaged trees, but there were areas that flourished around springs here and there. The forest grew lusher approaching the main river and there was a cool breeze through the canyon. Pretty steady climb to the river crossing then steepened up going to Dry Lake, which was wet, about 2/3 of the riverbed. Overall a worthwhile hike which I enjoyed.

    Karl Sauer completed South Fork Trail to Dry Lake

    11 months ago

    Karl Sauer reviewed Marion Mountain to San Jacinto

    11 months ago

    Did the hike today, July 16. Started around 7am and reached the peak around 10:30am. Was certainly a tough hike, both up and down, but well worth it. The views up top and along the way were fantastic. Lightly traveled and the temps started in the low 70s and topped out in the mid 80s. There are 2 ways to go and the Tram start would be much easier for sure. The hike took up pretty much the whole day and I need all of my 3L of water. I will certainly do it again, but it will be awhile.

    Karl Sauer reviewed Icehouse Canyon to Cucamonga Peak Trail

    11 months ago

    Great hike! Started early, around 7am, so the weather was cooler to start, in the 70s. There's a nice tree canopy up to the saddle and the first part of the hike was along a stream. Very pleasant! The second part of the hike to Cacamunga peak was definitely harder that I anticipated. Especially descending at first then hiking back up to the peak. This was especially challenging on the way back. Luckily the hike from the saddle to the parking lot was gentler. Overall a good hike for a hot summer day in los angels. Would recommend to all.

    Karl Sauer reviewed Mt. San Antonio & Mt. Baldy Notch Trail

    12 months ago

    Made this hike on a mild early July morning. Started early, about 6am, and was on top about 3 hours later, around 9am. The last hour up Devils Backbone was certainly tough, slow going with plenty of rest stops. Hiking traffic not too bad going up, but on the decent down the Snow Bowl route there were plenty of late hikers making their way up. The decent was steep all the way and knee jarring. Thank goodness for trekking poles. Good hike because my body tells me so. Will do it again in early fall.