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    We visited the reserve by ourselves, did not saw any wildlife. It is less crowded than monteverde park hopefully. We did the 1h30 and 25 minutes hike (from which you can see the Arenal).

    We took a guided tour of the reserve. The trails are well maintained obviously and we saw some wildlife (quetzals, monkeys, hummingbird, ...). Great park.

    This trail is officialy closed : barbed wires limits its entrence and sometimes a guard patrols there and ask you to leave. You can however get around the wires and hope that nobody guards the entry.
    You can access the trail through a private path belonging to GreenLagoon cabinas (they dont explicitely warn you that the cero chato trail is closed but will charge you 5000 crc/ 10 usd entry fees) but there might be another way to access the trail.

    The trail remains difficult : since its closed the path is not maintained and the forest is ALWAYS muddy so you mainly have to climb your way down to the lake (super steep and slippery). Took us 6h (1h of break included).

    It however TOTALLY WORTH IT : funniest and most beautiful hike I ever did (plus you can swim in a volcano).