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    Karen Mathews Gonzalez reviewed Little Baldy Trail

    1 day ago

    Everything Stacy said- she was right on and I couldn’t say it any better. Quick and easy hike with maximum payoff. Absolutely worth the effort as the views are simply stunning!

    Karen Mathews Gonzalez reviewed Zion Narrows Trail to Imlay Temple and Big Spring

    about 1 month ago

    Awesome trail! A very challenging hike as you are working against the current. It actually can be quite exhausting once you pass the Orderville Canyon. A dry suit in spring is recommended. Start first thing so that you can beat the crowds & hike the whole trail before dark. Dress in quick dry layers if it’s cooler. The water can get quite deep & this is where the crowds wean & it takes on a whole new meaning. The hike back is much quicker. Fabulous hike.

    Karen Mathews Gonzalez reviewed Whiteface Mountain

    3 months ago

    Loved the hike for the most part, but if you are afraid of heights this is not for you. I don't know exactly what my problem was (vertigo), but certain parts were extremely anxiety provoking & had me hugging the ground. I stopped right before the last treacherous rock climbing section & did not make it to the top. I felt like a complete dork, but on the plus side I'm alive!!! lol. 5-star rating for the young who were climbing up like billygoats & I'm sure the view is out of this world.

    Karen Mathews Gonzalez reviewed Vernal and Nevada Falls via the Mist Trail

    8 months ago

    The hike is best started early in the morning and make sure you bring ample snacks & water. Hiking sticks could be helpful, especially coming down. I hiked this trail in late October & it was cool & pleasant. I could see where in the summer it could get quite hot.

    If you get vertigo (I do) you may have some difficulty on the stairs, but I found it doable when I took my time and focused on the step in front of me. The loop makes it pleasant because you don't have to mangle your knees coming down.

    The views are breathtaking. A must do in Yosemite valley.

    Karen Mathews Gonzalez reviewed Moro Rock Trail

    12 months ago

    Super quick and easy hike up stairs located near Crescent Meadow. Bathrooms locates at the base. It can be a bit sketchy for little ones, so please do us all a favor and hold their hands. The view is spectacular at sunset and equally impressive in the dead of the night for stargazing. It's truly a must do.

    Karen Mathews Gonzalez reviewed Muir Grove Trail

    12 months ago

    Relatively easy hike located off the Dorst Creek campground. We parked at the amphitheater area and hiked down to the trailhead. There is a clearly marked intersection that takes you to the left, but on your return take the other way down to the river and take a nice cool dip. The hike itself is pretty much all uphill, so start early. Ample shade in most areas. A few river crossings and some rock outcroppings that provide magnificent views. All in all, a easy fun hike that provides some great vista views and an opportunity to see some huge sequoia trees with few other visitors.

    Karen Mathews Gonzalez completed Muir Grove Trail

    12 months ago

    Karen Mathews Gonzalez completed Muir Woods Trail

    12 months ago

    Karen Mathews Gonzalez followed Clyde Miller

    12 months ago