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    Member Since October 2016

    june ranfone

    Groton, Connecticut 

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    june ranfone completed Sheep Farm

    14 days ago

    june ranfone reviewed Red, Orange, Blue, and Yellow Loop

    24 days ago

    Very nice hike, lots of ferns, pines and vernal pools.
    It gets confusing with all the trees marked blue. (Because of the timber harvest in progress) Be sure to Bring your GPS or phone.

    8,184 steps

    june ranfone reviewed Bluff Point State Park and Coastal Reserve Trail

    26 days ago

    This trail is a favorite for beachcombing, clamming or kayaking. But always a pleasant and scenic walk for a seashore adventure.

    june ranfone saved Lantern Hill Trail

    2 months ago

    june ranfone completed Lantern Hill Trail

    2 months ago

    june ranfone reviewed Monroe and Dean Loop Trail

    9 months ago

    9/23/18 Today was just a nice partly cloudy day for us too hike. It was in the 60's. We began the hike at 10:50am.Started on the monroe trail which is slightly steep. Then took Deans trail which was very nice and tranquil, was able to keep a steady pace. Make sure when you see an big open field on the right too go over and look and see the camel's hump from a distance. Spectacular view, an artist and photographers dream!! Then on to long trail where it gradually increases in altitude and also more obstacles to face with roots, rocks, boulders to scale with bare hands and on knees. Some spots slippery and wet on rocks and gravel. Then at the summit was unbelievably great feeling off happiness of this sight. We saw lake Champlain and 3 other mt peaks. The summit had a very neat alpine tundra biome as well.
    An excellent hiking experience. Total hours for us was 5hrs 44 min. with 31,608 steps on pedometer. This was our first hike at 4,083ft. Be sure to bring warm clothing or extra shoes just in case. The summit can be windy and cold if it's not in summer season.

    june ranfone completed Camel's Hump Trail

    9 months ago

    june ranfone reviewed Pequot Woods

    10 months ago

    very nice hiking trail with views of a small pond. saw a few ospreys. many boulders and stepping stones to walk on. a few wooden and stone bridges. a good challenge for keeping the walk fun. awesome landscape a classic new england trail. also some very older oaks estimated around 100+ yrs. and a variety of mushrooms to identify.

    june ranfone saved Pequot Woods

    10 months ago

    june ranfone completed Pequot Woods

    12 months ago

    june ranfone added pequot trail groton

    12 months ago

    june ranfone added copp park

    over 2 years ago

    june ranfone added Track - Oct 03 03:42 PM

    over 2 years ago