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    Jun Wu

    McLean, Virginia 

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    Jun Wu reviewed Plateau Point Trail via Bright Angel Trail

    4 months ago

    This is a beautiful hike. The views approaching Indian Garden, at the Plateau Point, and on the way back, were breathtaking. The towering canyon wall was a majestic view on your way back from Plateau Point. I started a little later (6:45) than I would have hoped and had only 4 hours of sleep the night before. This resulted in a tiring hike in blazing Sun on the way back (10:05 leaving Plateau point). Got back to the Rim at 1:15. I forgot how much water I drank but it was a lot. You don't need to carry that much water during Summer as there are refilling stations at 1.5 mile, 3 mile and Indian Garden. There is also a water faucet near Plateau Point that I didn't use.

    Jun Wu reviewed Grandview Point to Horseshoe Mesa Trail

    4 months ago

    This trail (Grandview Point to Horseshoe Mesa out and back) kicked my butt! You could hear my breathing from a mile away. :-) After driving from South of Tucson to Grand Canyon in the morning, I started at 2:20 at trail head. Left Horseshoe Mesa at 4:10 and finished at 6:20 with time to spare to watch sunset at Desert View Tower. But was a grueling 4 hours. I do hike most weekends so I am used to the breathless suffering of uphill climb. This was the hardest trail for me by far. Well worth it. I carried 4.5 liters of water because the afternoon Sun was beating down, and drank 3 liters.