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    Member Since February 2019

    Julia Glizevskaja

    London, London, England 

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    Julia Glizevskaja reviewed Eiffel Lake Trail

    about 11 hours ago

    I was slightly disappointed with this hike. There were pretty nice views to the peaks. First part is zigzag climb. But after trail splits, this part just flat and easy. There is no access to the lake, unless you want to scramble, but it’s not worth. It’s around 1h till pass, not difficult and probably would give you nice view. In general, it’s pretty short nice hike.

    Julia Glizevskaja reviewed Lake Agnes Trail to Plain of Six Glaciers Trail Loop

    3 days ago

    It was nice hike. I started early in the morning, by 6:30 parking was full and people was going for the hikes. It was very fogy in the morning, so almost no views. I went to Little Beehive first, the stopped at Tea house to warm up with cup of tea (it’s pretty cheap, but they accept only cash). It was a q there, waited at least for 30 min. But I had no rush as it was still fogy. Once sun came out and sky cleared, I went to Big Beehive. Pretty nice views. But for most stunning views after Beehive before turning down, I went to Devils thumb. It’s around 45-60 min up. But the views are amazing!!! And not do many people, as there is actually no sign.

    Julia Glizevskaja reviewed Devils Thumb Via Lake Agnes Trail

    3 days ago

    It’s a great hike! I hike it as part of Agnes lake trail, going to Little and Big Beehive first. I was surprised that it was easier then I was expecting. It’s around 45 min hike from Big Beehive. Initially it was a bit of steep path. Then it was a bit confusing, as at some point you need to climb rocks to get back on trail. But after that it was pretty nice and almost flat walk at the edge of the mountain. Once you reach last part - this very is hard part starts, as it’s very steep. Guys told me to stay on the left (next to the trees), as easier to hike and there is something to grab on. Then almost on the top again stay on the left, as it easier to climb the rocks then use steep slippery path on the right. But the views are great! 360 degree on Six Glasiers, spot contrast in between Agnes and Louise lakes. It’s stunning! And not many people are on the trail.

    Julia Glizevskaja reviewed Arnica Lake Trail

    3 days ago

    It’’s actually very nice trail in the forest with beautifull view to the mountains over trees. First you pass Vista lake after short descent . Then pretty steep uphill for 1 h. Arnica lake is nice and quiet, just great to sit down and chill out. It’s took me 1:45 to reach Arnica (I am average hiker). But like a lot of people I gone to Twin lakes. Initially its short ascent and then always down. It’s about 45 min till Upper lake and other 15 min till Lower. Trail is muddy, especially in between both Twin lakes. Upper lake nothing special, there is campground next to it. As this trail is part of long backpacking trail. But Lower Twin lake was winning an award for today for all this 4 lakes. It’s beautiful! With waterfall. Allow yourself 6-7 h for relaxing hike , lunch, breaks and photos. Car park is small, but was full when I return. Not busy, but you will meet time to time people. You definitely will have private and quiet spot for yourself.