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    Member Since September 2017

    Julia Foy

    Buffalo, New York 

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    Julia Foy completed Amir's Garden Trail

    8 days ago

    Julia Foy saved Runyon Canyon Trail

    12 days ago

    Julia Foy followed Kristin Casey

    12 days ago

    Julia Foy reviewed Rock Pool and Century Lake Trails

    13 days ago

    VERY hot on the day we went, definitely could have used a little more water on the way back up. (All downhill to start so the end is a good trek up, otherwise pretty flat for big chunks) Water is pretty stagnant at this point but a lovely loop with some nice views and varied terrain. We didn’t go in the water but probably would at another point when it’s moving more.
    Very busy section, too many people to feel like a real hike.

    Julia Foy reviewed Wisdom Tree, Cahuenga Peak and Mount Lee Summit Loop

    25 days ago

    Steady challenging incline to start, but otherwise fun and very manageable with nice views.

    Julia Foy saved Vital Link Trail

    25 days ago

    Julia Foy saved Trail Canyon Falls

    25 days ago