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    Member Since October 2019

    Jules Bennett

    San Diego, California 

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    Jules Bennett reviewed Three Sisters Waterfalls Trail

    14 days ago

    Hell on a hot day. Only go on a cool, cloudy one. Heat can be dangerous.
    Very little water in the summer, but you can swim.
    Lots more water flowing in the winter and spring but no swimming. Spring flowers are beautiful.
    Not easy but a good time.

    Jules Bennett reviewed Annie's Canyon via La Orilla Trail

    14 days ago

    Great for families with kiddos, more of a walk than a hike. Very easy, climbing through the canyon is fun

    Jules Bennett reviewed Potato Chip Rock via Mt. Woodson Trail

    14 days ago

    Not amazing, not bad. Pretty steep up, long and winding down. Glad I did it but wouldn’t go again

    Jules Bennett reviewed Iron Mountain Trail

    14 days ago

    Great for sunrise/sunset hikes

    Jules Bennett completed Iron Mountain Trail

    14 days ago

    Jules Bennett reviewed San Jacinto Peak from The Tramway

    14 days ago

    We went up in February, in 3ft of snow. Camping wasn’t impossible, but it was tricky finding a dry patch. No one was around, which for some is scary but if you enjoy a serene wilderness experience, SJ in the snow is the way to go. The trail to the summit was completely snowed over, so we followed footprints, and ended up climbing straight up the east side of the mountain. It was terrifying and a calf burner but very rewarding. Do not attempt without crampons ($30 yaktrax from REI worked great). Ice ax optional, trekking poles work fine.
    If it’s a sunny day, bring sun screen. The light will reflect off the snow and you will fry.
    Amazing views. You feel on top of the world. I’m scared of heights, but still loved the adventure.