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    Member Since February 2016

    Juan Carlos Ducca Pro-red@3x

    Simi Valley, California 

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    Juan Carlos Ducca reviewed Mount Waterman and Twin Peaks Trail Loop

    28 days ago

    we did this hke today, great views of the surrounding mountains! Trail very well marked but a bit hard to follow on the last mile up to twin peak. Two of our hikers got stinged several times by wasps, they were hurting very bad, I will bring some cream or benadril just in case for the pain. Except for that, it was a great hike, we saw just a couple of hikers all day on a Saturday.

    Juan Carlos Ducca completed Twin Peaks Trail

    29 days ago

    Juan Carlos Ducca reviewed Windy Gap to Mount Islip to Big Cienega Trail

    about 1 month ago

    We did this trail and more this last week end September 8th. Took Windy Gap trail to PCT, turned right and summit Mt. Hawkins which affords great views, then on to Throop Peak and back to windy gap where we went up to Mt. Islip and back down using Big La Cienaga trail, where we found a few Elderberries trees full of berries.
    It was a great clear day, windy at times. The trail is very well signaled except for the detour to Mt. Hawkins, Mt. Throop and Big La Cienaga trail, so you better check your GPS if it is the first time on this trail.