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    Such a nice break from the road. great signs for kids.

    2 days ago

    wet, but scenic. There are botanical plaques for much of the walk. The boardwalks are beautiful.

    several loops here with a large variety of flora. This is probably the best inland trail I have hiked in the EEL program to learn about inland Florida flora. mostly covered with some exposed trail. very well signed

    This is probably the best hike in the southern EEL program to take visitors on. It can be wet and buggy, but we saw so many birds, several big fishes, a tortoise and a snake, not to mention vibrant, green resurrection fern on the trail.

    This is a beautiful set of trails that would easily be 5 stars if the trails were better marked. The maps at the front follow an older color coding system and don't include some of the new trails on the yellow one-way loop. Hikers should beware of cyclists, and vice versa. Due to the high scrub and limited visibilty, it might be wise to put a bell on your bike.

    2 months ago