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    Jozef van Ruiten updated Table Mountian, Oroville, CA

    over 1 year ago

    Jozef van Ruiten updated Table Mountain, Oroville, CA

    over 1 year ago

    Jozef van Ruiten reviewed Oroville's North Table Mountain Ecological Preserve Loop Trail

    over 1 year ago

    Special place, especially around early spring time for wildflower blooming and many creeks and waterfalls. Visited several times over the years, but most recent last weekend on a Sunday, together with hundreds of other people, dogs, families with kids, etc.. It was very wet from recent rainfall, so to stay on the trails is a sensible thing to do (I almost got stuck in the mud trying to do a shortcut), apart from not damaging the wild flowers that way.

    To find the trails, since they are not indicated, head West from the parking area and after about 200 yards it will start North of the stream that starts there. Pretty soon the trail splits, which if taken a right, will lead you to the more dramatic water fall on the North end of the trail. I didn't see the looping trail, so I just followed the trail back. It is possible to loose sense of direction and even get lost, albeit probably only temporarily, here, since there are no markers; on busy days, people will acts as markers. One star off for the 'unorganized' , 'left on your own' and unmarked character of this trail.

    Easy is a relative term; with all the rocks, and the little canyons, one needs good sturdy shoes, and be good on foot. A dozen or so porta-potties have been put at the parking area, but no tap or spring, so bring your water, and even some extra for cleaning afterwards. Some fences are down, others are up and have signs 'no trespassing' and although people seem to be justified in ignoring this just because many are doing it, it seems to me one should observe and respect these areas, since public land is right next to private. The cows keep to themselves, so if you don't bother them, it will be no problem. Of course, if you want to cross a fence and run into a bull, you're at your own risk.

    Last; the Southern drive up is on a steep, curvacious and narrow road, so keep going slowly, and be aware that bikers might even try to get up the mountain, so passing might not always be possible right away; stay behind and look for enough clear road to pass. The Northern road up/down is much more gentle, wider and less curvacious, so safer; more like typical foothill driving, passing a small town with historic structures om the way in/out.

    Jozef van Ruiten reviewed Golden and Silver Falls

    over 2 years ago

    Some tips regarding access and trail directions for these wonderful hikes; First, the actual road closure is not at the parking lot / sign; you can keep going by car (thru concrete barriers) and roughly cut in half your hike in to the trail head (bringing it to approx just under a mile); parking to the side of the road there is possible, if there are not more than a handful of cars. Second, the trail directions on the board at the head indicate two options for the Golden Falls; lower and upper (see photo other review), however, immediately after the bridge at the start of the trail there is a split without any indication as to which is what. Take the right for the lower (short) to the bottom of the fall; and be prepared for a little moderate climbing at the fall to get a good view (the extent depends on your gusto). Other than that the trails are 15 to 20 mins round trip, and easy. Watch for banana slugs crossing the trails, so as not to step on them. For the last 5-10 miles drive in; drive slow, approx 20 mph with a regular car, since the gravel road has many potholes, some pretty deep. Pickup or SUV is preferable, if you have a choice. Agree with others here, that it is a pity the park and access to it has been neglected, but is still very worth-wile (maybe even better due to its access restrictions, as it ensures a quiet experience).

    Jozef van Ruiten completed Golden and Silver Falls

    over 2 years ago