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    Great workout. 1000+ stairs with no shade. I've been for both sunrise and sunset and enjoyed both tremendously. Either way, prepare to be sore the next day. I would say plan for at least 30 minutes up. I'm in decent shape and can do it in around 20.

    Very touristy. limited parking. over rated. almost always busy. great view at the top, but crowds are not worth it in my opinion

    Fun short hike. Trail was wet when I went. I would only recommend doing it dry. Also very easy to miss the "short"route up. I ended up going past and then looping back down. Awesome views, but very steep and slick.

    parking right across the road from the trailhead, just look for the "do not go past this point" sign. I did see a lot of broken glass which probably means break ins are an issue, but I had no issues this morning.