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    4 months ago

    Made it to Upper Reed Lake on 10/23/18.
    I parked in the turn around spot across from the fee station because the trailhead parking lot would have destroyed my car’s undercarriage, and it only added maybe 5 minutes to my hike.
    The trail was pretty easy until you get to the boulders. I needed my nano-spikes and I’m glad I had them in my pack. After the boulders I wish I also had packed my snow-shoes, and I lost the trail. I followed some faint leftover ski tracks but was very cautious because of not being sure if where I was stepping was actually solid ground. I had intended to get to the bomber, but I’ll wait till spring/summer when the trail is easier to spot and follow. No animal sightings.

    Trail-head parking was easy to find, and pretty empty before sunrise. Trail is pretty easy to follow and clearly marked at a few trail intersections, until you come to the moraine field towards the end. There are cairns throughout the boulder field, but its easy to get turned around. When in doubt, keep to the left side of the boulder field and keep your eyes pealed for the cairns. The little hut at the end can provide some cover for extremely windy days. No animal sightings :(. Great hike!