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    Member Since July 2018

    Jordan Petersen

    Salt Lake City, Utah 

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    Jordan Petersen completed Neffs Canyon Trail

    13 days ago

    Jordan Petersen completed Copper Pit Overlook

    14 days ago

    Jordan Petersen reviewed Kanarra Creek Canyon Trail

    25 days ago

    Absolutely wonderful. Love walking in the river and the amazing photo ops. One of my favorites.

    Jordan Petersen reviewed Lower Calf Creek Falls Trail

    25 days ago

    Quickly became one of my all time favorites! Gorgeous falls, beautiful scenery with a variety of trees, red rock, cliff walls, bushy waters and more. Will do again!

    Jordan Petersen reviewed Tibble Fork Loop Trail

    25 days ago

    Such a gorgeous trail that offers a variety of meadows, forests, views and small lakes. Unfortunately, there are motorcycle's that race through on these trails and it can be dangerous if you have a dog. Also, my buddy and I were prone to injuries on this hike despite it being moderate and us being experienced. Bee stings and scratches.

    Jordan Petersen reviewed Grandeur Peak East Trail from Church Fork

    about 1 month ago

    It's a very fun hike with your dog. There's tons of waterfalls to take in and a stream runs along the trail for your dog to play in for about half the hike. It begins to get rocky and hot halfway through and then the amazing views begin to come a bit later. The crest was the coolest part more than the peak itself, I thought. I did come across some big snakes (non-poisonous) that alarmed me and I had to hold my dog back just in case.

    Jordan Petersen reviewed Dog Lake via Big Water Trail

    2 months ago

    Pretty drive up to the trail head, but the trail itself is loose dirt and dusty. There's also far too much bike traffic to be enjoyable having to always watch out from being ran over. Glad I did it, but won't do again.

    Jordan Petersen reviewed Desolation Trail to Salt Lake Overlook

    4 months ago

    Trail is a steady incline trail with fair amounts of both tree cover and bush. Was surprised by how nice the trail was. The peak itself was a little "meh" but good experience overall. Flies were terrible though.

    Jordan Petersen completed Weeping Rock Trail

    4 months ago

    Jordan Petersen completed Memory Grove Trail

    4 months ago

    Jordan Petersen reviewed Rattlesnake Gulch Trail

    4 months ago

    It's a good trail to start summer hiking off on. It starts off intense enough for you to check your heart rate and a dog's condition for more intense hikes. Once you get high enough, the trail evens out and is easy. Was simple, and enjoyable, but nothing too incredibly breathtaking.

    Jordan Petersen completed City Creek Canyon

    4 months ago

    Jordan Petersen reviewed Ensign Peak Trail and Overlook

    6 months ago

    Very simple and quick hike that is primarily on an incline. Nothing too dramatic. Fun view of the city and Salt Lake valley. Underwhelming for experienced hikers.

    Jordan Petersen reviewed The Living Room Lookout Trail

    6 months ago

    Simple and fun hike for a quick get together with friends who may be beginners. Good views of the city. Lots of dogs to pet. Nothing dramatic though or inspiring.

    Jordan Petersen reviewed Landscape Arch Trail

    6 months ago

    Great hike in the sand and red rocks. Definitely recommend going further to Double O Arch.

    Jordan Petersen reviewed Double O Arch Trail

    6 months ago

    A really rewarding hike that has you climbing on lots of high red rocks and giving you views for miles around. It also passes five or so other arches along the way. Wonderful hike in March.