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    Jordan Jordan Toxicity reviewed Mt. San Antonio & Mt. Baldy Notch Trail

    9 months ago

    Be careful of the snow and ice. If you do not have clamp ons, hiking sticks/poles, do not go past the ski hut (if you choose that trail). If you do not have this gear, start early in the morning because the snow turns icy once the sun goes behind the mountain. Remember what comes up must come down and coming down steep inclines in snow while unprepared is difficult at best. Make sure to have some sort of whistle or other tool to get attention if you do encounter problems. It's a beautiful hike and definitely worth it in the end.

    Jordan Jordan Toxicity reviewed Sill Hill Waterfall Trail

    over 1 year ago

    Holy moley. That's what I can say about this trail. It is so incredibly difficult. I tried to follow some of the maps and somehow got turned around. I took the advice of previous hikers and ended up finding the stacked rocks and tape along the trail. We went about 9 miles into the canyon down the rocks and had to turn around. We lost sight of the stacked rocks and I'm not sure we had adequate gear. We never found the waterfall. We did run into one rattlesnake going down the hill. Beware whenever the weather changes from cold to warm there will be a larger chance of getting bit since the snakes will be out and about. We unfortunately wore the completely wrong attire for the hike and went in shorts. I do not recommend that. We had to use a machete on some parts. There are some nasty ants over there that were eating us up. All in all, this trail really challenged me physically and I would like to find the waterfall. If anyone could tell me which path to take at the 3 road fork, that would be great. Also, someone has marked the beginning of the trail with purple markers that you'll continue to see on your way to the fork. The purple markers went down a different path than I did, so maybe the waterfall was that way. Somebody please let me know! I will be attempting it again soon.

    Jordan Jordan Toxicity reviewed Box Springs Mountain Park

    over 1 year ago

    This hike to the M was definitely challenging for me. The first mile or so is a steep incline which I felt was the hardest part. The trail itself is pretty distinguishable; no bush whacking needed. The trail is pretty popular. I ran into quite a few people doing it. Dogs can definitely do this hike and I saw some children do it as well. Pack enough water and sunscreen. There is virtually no shade. The view is nice. It was donkey breeding season when I went and there were a lot of babies at Box Springs. Keep an eye out though. There are snakes, tarantulas and bobcats in the area.