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    Jonathan Schultz reviewed Cooper Spur Trail via Tilly Jane Trail

    6 days ago

    This hike is by far the my favourite mountain hike, ever. It is challenging, so be sure to have plenty of water and food. Here’s some advice that you might find helpful:
    Bring trail running or hiking shoes, since most of the hike will be on sand/loose gravel; Wear sunscreen to avoid bug-bites, since they stopped attacking me when I layered every thirty minutes; Bring a few pairs of socks, because your shoes and socks will be full of ash and sand; wear pants to avoid plant scratches or tick fears for the first 2 miles. If you arrive before 9am, you’ll have a wonderful hike, since it does get hot. Further, park at the lot at the base of the Tilly Jane trail, since there is no fee associated with that lot, and you’ll see SO much more transitions in the geography and environment.

    Jonathan Schultz added Colorado

    14 days ago

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    22 days ago

    Jonathan Schultz saved Fossil Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Jonathan Schultz followed Julian Des Marais

    2 months ago

    Jonathan Schultz reviewed Saddle Mountain Trail

    2 months ago

    Second time to this trail, and I can say that it is my favourite trail in Oregon. It gets easier with practise!

    Jonathan Schultz reviewed Beacon Rock Trail

    2 months ago

    This hike is beautiful for a misty and rainy day. I would definitely recommend heading out this way to take advantage of some incredible Gorge views. This can be very busy, and hiking footwear is not needed, since the trails are paved.

    Jonathan Schultz completed Beacon Rock Trail

    2 months ago

    Jonathan Schultz reviewed Trail of Ten Falls

    2 months ago

    It’s important to note that this loop is about 10 miles, not 7.2. This hike is perfect for a day when there is rain or cloud, since everything that needs to be seen is low. I would recommend the rainy days for this hike, since it’s cooler, less busy, and much more lush and poetic. The tree cover is amazing, and the parking is very accessible. Overall, the hike is very easy since it’s mostly flat. Great for taking in everything!

    Jonathan Schultz completed Trail of Ten Falls

    2 months ago

    Jonathan Schultz completed Burnt Lake Trail

    2 months ago

    Jonathan Schultz reviewed Burnt Lake Trail

    2 months ago

    Getting to the parking area is likely the more challenging part of the hike, as google maps loses connection along the way. The trail and summit itself are beautiful, especially in the heat of summer. Burnt Lake offers awesome respite, since you can walk around the shallow areas in glacial waters. I would personally rate this trail as moderate, not difficult. For folks who hike a few times a year, it is quite easy.

    Jonathan Schultz reviewed Dog Mountain Long Loop Trail

    2 months ago

    This longer loop is absolutely worth it. I would highly recommend getting to the parking area early, since it fills up quite quickly. The elevation is high and windy at the top, so be sure to bring layers. Footwear is key on this trek as well, since many of the upper switchbacks get quite steep. Also be advised, that day-use fees are not obligatory throughout weekdays. Overall, this is definitely one of the best hikes to compliment the fewer trails available to explore with the closed Oregon-side trails.

    Jonathan Schultz followed Christina S

    3 months ago

    Jonathan Schultz reviewed Pup Creek Falls via Clackamas River Trail

    3 months ago

    There were no forms for payment dues at the parking lot, which made me nervous about hiking there. The trail was quite easy, as there was not much elevation variation. I liked how natural and thin the trails were, which made the mood feel more 'back to nature' than a few trails in the area. I wish there was more challenge to the trails, and more lookouts to enjoy the views of the river. The waterfall was beautiful, but the small viewing area made it hard to enjoy/sit and relax. This would definitely be a good trail for training and endurance for trail runners.