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    Member Since September 2017

    Jonathan Butler

    Post Falls, Idaho 

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    Jonathan Butler reviewed Antoine Peak via Emerald Necklace

    10 days ago

    Great hike! Wild flowers in full bloom. was hoping to see more wildlife but all I saw was a bunch of crows and a snake. The signage for the trail is good but the distances are a bit off. I got 5.2 miles for the necklace trail. Anyway...some great views and very quiet and peaceful!

    Jonathan Butler reviewed Old Wagon Loop to Spokane River

    11 days ago

    Had a great hike but easy to get "turned around". All the trails are color coded but if you don't know what the colors mean then it's not gonna do you much good. Make sure you take a picture of the trail map at the beginning of the trail which has the map legend on it. Also I saw a lot of snakes on the trails so just be careful with your four legged furry friend.