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    Member Since March 2017

    Brian Whales Pro-red@3x

    Potwin, Kansas 

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    Brian Whales saved Rock-It Loop Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Brian Whales reviewed Cattle Canyon Trail

    3 months ago

    Decent Trail. Not much in terms of views but plenty of fresh flowing water and fresh air. Great for dogs as they can easily stay hydrated and cool and it's pretty much flat with lots of river rocks and sand the entire time. The beginning of this hike is deceiving as there are Lots Of Latins that are camping out and hanging out in big families by the trailhead. this will probably throw some people of. but Dont worry. just hit the trailhead down by the river and keep hiking up it until you're away from all of the other human activity.

    Brian Whales completed Cattle Canyon Trail

    3 months ago

    Brian Whales saved Winston Peak

    3 months ago

    Brian Whales reviewed Gold Canyon Trail

    3 months ago

    this trail is closed. Do not come here. There is a newly installed fence with private property signs posted all around the entrance. It looks like a beautiful hike. It goes straight down into the valley/canyon under a large bridge. But as I said this trail entrance is closed. You might be able to sneak into it if you are just hiking by yourself but if you bring a dog they will be unable to pass over the fence.I have no idea how someone would be able to close the entrance to a public Trail under the guise of private property.

    Brian Whales completed Gold Canyon Trail

    3 months ago

    Brian Whales saved Gold Canyon Trail

    3 months ago

    Brian Whales reviewed Josephine Peak via Colby Canyon Trail

    4 months ago

    Hiked this in June. Amazing Views and environment in the beginning. Flowers, a flowing stream, Lots of Birds, plenty of shade. And then the hike starts to go up in elevation up to the sun exposed hill sides as the overall environment starts to change.
    Best if started Early (Around 7AM).

    A good hike for a Date if you go early.