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    Member Since November 2017

    John Powell

    Palm Desert, California 

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    John Powell reviewed Willow Creek Trail to Hidden Lake and Round Valley Loop

    8 days ago

    The lake is off limits Tuesday through Thursday. In addition to the day hiking permit, this area requires a special permit and only 30 are available. there are no trails indicated to the spot because of the endangered wildflower that grows here. please have respect for the rules and acquire a permit at the ranger station. Happy trails everyone

    John Powell saved The Cross Trail

    about 1 month ago

    John Powell saved Bump and Grind Trail

    10 months ago

    John Powell reviewed San Jacinto Peak from The Tramway

    12 months ago

    I love this trail and I love this mountain. I work at the ranger station as a park aide and have done most of the trails on Mt. San Jac. If you're coming to summit just make sure get a permit and have 3 liters of water on you as well as plenty of food. Make sure to check the weather and water reports at the ranger station. For hikers of average fitness this hike is not to bad. the hardest section of the hike is from Round Valley Meadow up to Wellman's Divide. At the top you're met with a rock scramble to get to peak sign. Remember to take in the view!

    "The view from San Jacinto is the most sublime spectacle to be found anywhere on this earth!" - John Muir

    John Powell saved Desert View Trail

    12 months ago

    John Powell reviewed The Cross Trail

    12 months ago

    This trail is extremely crowded in peak times such as the morning, weekends, and especially on holidays. The trail brings you up to the famous St. Margaret's cross which is both a local favorite and a bit of a tourist attraction. The view a top the trail is decent but if you want a better view of Palm Desert then try the bump n grind. Good running trail if done twice in succession.

    John Powell completed The Cross Trail

    12 months ago

    John Powell reviewed Bump and Grind Trail

    12 months ago

    Pretty simple and short trail, easily accessible and extremely crowded in the mornings. the hike is easier when done counterclockwise though, normally you follow it clockwise for the quick elevation gain and the cardio. This is a great running route. the view from the top of the trail gives you a great view of Palm Desert and Indian Wells as well.

    John Powell completed Bump and Grind Trail

    12 months ago