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    Joel Howson reviewed Volunteer Trail

    24 days ago

    Great trail along the Percy Priest reservoir. Cedar glades and hardwoods. Canopy keeps one cooler in hot weather. Some ignorant dog owners don't clean up their animal's mess which is disappointing given the park provides bags for that purpose.

    Joel Howson completed Volunteer Trail

    24 days ago

    Joel Howson reviewed Radnor Lake Ganier Ridge Trail

    5 months ago

    Great trail for a metropolitan area.

    Joel Howson saved South Cove Trail

    6 months ago

    Joel Howson reviewed Stones River Battlefield Loop Trail

    6 months ago

    The hiking trail is only about 1.2 miles. Their map shows a trail that would have completed the approx. 2.3+ mile hiking loop but it has not been maintained and is closed. Had to walk on asphalt back to the visitor center - very disappointing. The history of the land relative to the Civil War was very interesting and the interpretation signage, etc. is well done.

    Joel Howson saved Volunteer Trail

    6 months ago

    Joel Howson saved Mossy Ridge Trail

    6 months ago

    Joel Howson reviewed Barfield Wilderness Loop Trail

    6 months ago

    The trail should be rated Moderate only because of all the limestone surfaces and inconsistent footing. If trail ratings are primarily dictated by elevation change then the trail is Easy. That said, proper footwear (don't wear sneakers/sandals, etc.) in the form of hiking boot/hiking shoots are highly recommended. If the hiker has bad knees, joints, etc., please strongly consider using trekking poles which will provide great assistance in many ways. Experienced hikers will experience a nice hike and we are impressed that such a nice trail exists in town. Overall, the park is great and the nature center does a great job in teaching natural history.

    Joel Howson reviewed Flat Rock Cedar Glades and Barrens Hike Trail

    7 months ago

    Unless you wear GTX hiking boots/shoes avoid for 48/72 hours after a rain event. Purple trail blazes became blue and then non-existent. Some trail signs no longer erect. Not very scenic but good for burning some calories.