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    Member Since May 2017

    Joe Bell

    Daly City, California 

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    Joe Bell reviewed Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail: Saratoga Gap Route

    24 days ago

    Bday hike... I wanted to abuse my body and that’s exactly what I got out of this hike. My wife was kind enough to follow us to Waddell to drop off a car then drive us back to Castlerock, thanks hun.

    Started the hike at 6am and the main goal was to finish in time to catch the sunset at the beach which we accomplished, took us close to 11 hours. We averaged about 20 something minute miles with a quick stop at Waterman and a lunch break at headquarters. Met a few hikers on the way one of which seen a rattlesnake on the trail, supposedly shortly after we crossed paths, yikes. Also met a couple groups of backpackers doing the Skyline to Sea Trail as their 1st backpacking experience. Cheers to you guys and congratulations, Happy Trails!

    The scenery wasn’t as pretty IMHO but had a handful of spots to pull out the phone to take a flick. Vehicle noise was terrible along the trail but was an option to bail out in case of an emergency. Lots of poison oak/ivy so dress appropriately. No potable water at Castlerock or Waterman. We packed about 2 liters each and refilled at HQ. I brought a gravity filter just incase but wasn’t too confidant to try it at a couple creeks.

    On the last mile or so we were able to see the beach. It gave us instant energy and we started trail jogging a few hundred yards like fools. As soon as we crossed Highway 1 we walked to the sand, undressed and jumped into the Pacific. Body was instantly cleansed and felt so refreshing and gratifying. Ended the experience with a couple ice cold beers and a view of the sunset.

    PS: Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do the whole hike in a day. Intrigue the mind and the body will follow.

    Joe Bell completed Feely Lake and Island Lake

    about 1 month ago

    Joe Bell added Feely Lake and Island Lake

    about 1 month ago

    Joe Bell saved Feely Lake and Island Lake

    about 1 month ago

    Joe Bell saved Lake Margaret Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Joe Bell saved Tafoni and Fir Trail

    4 months ago

    Joe Bell reviewed Loch Leven Lakes Trail

    4 months ago

    Me and a couple buddies hiked up to the 2nd Lake for an over nighter June 8th. The trail was snow free up until the railroad tracks. When we started to pothole we slapped on our snowshoes. We could hear the creek beneath the snow but had to trail blaze a good portion of the way up. Got to the second lake and found the first site that had dirt to set up camp. It was good size and could probably fit a party of 10 so about 5 two person tents. A majority of the lake was still frozen but near shore was a good place to grab and filter water. Would like to come back and make it to the 3rd lake one day. Overall an awesome experience.

    Brain dump: Decent cell service for emergency calls to family. First come first serve parking and free. Shout out urban forestry for doing trail maintenance. Mike who handed out a post hike beer, delicious. Slid down portions of the mountain and felt like a kid again. Man made trekking poles helped out a lot. Always crossed paths with interesting ppl with good stories. Seen the actual train on the way back.

    Joe Bell completed Loch Leven Lakes Trail

    4 months ago

    Joe Bell saved Mount Tallac Trail

    5 months ago

    Joe Bell reviewed Dewey Point Trail

    over 1 year ago

    My first trip to Yosemite... A buddy decided to celebrate his birthday there and I decided to join on yet another adventure, no tent mentality. We snowshoed to about a quarter mile from the point. Set up camp with shovels, tarp and snow stakes. We dug about 4 feet below the snow and built up a couple feet and patched the holes in the walls on the exterior and interior as needed. Visualize a 10x10 floor plan that featured an 18” tall trench in the middle that led outside the snow cave. Space for two individuals could easily fit on each side of the trench which also acted as a face to face round table for entertainment, and a place for cool air to settle in the night as we slept. A couple feet outside of our door we set up a kitchen area to prep our food. A sled which we happen to haul served as a multiple tool... A door for our snow cave to keep predators out, a snow board to ride down gnarly decents and last to haul out our tools and garbage.

    So when we got our permit pass to camp overnight, the ranger didn't mention thin ice
    (Trail 18) en route to Dewey Point. On our way back I fell in about knee deep while hauling the sled and luckily I was able to make it out. Two of my buddies fell in as well, one waist high and one knee high. It ain't no fun without a little excitement. My only disappoint was not being able to start a campfire, it was super cold at night even with all our gear. My hands and toes were frozen but I was able to boil some water and put it in an empty mountain house package and use it as a heater to bring them back to life. I'd recommend covering your snow boots over night to prevent them from being less frozen in the morning. Tip: boiled enough snow water to put into a 32oz nalgene and stuffed boots, rotate at 5 minute intervals.

    "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."
    Snow Camping Brain dump: come with ready made non perishable foods, waterproof shoes, rain jacket, rain pants and know your clothing layering basics, down blankets, down booties, bigger fuel canisters, sleeping liners, high SPF w/ zinc, chap stick., backup fire starter to a lighter, windshield for stove, battery pack for your electronics.