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    Joanna Lozowik reviewed Cascade Mountain and Porter Mountain via Cascade Mountain Trail

    4 months ago

    These were our two first peaks of the Adirondacks. This was an easy/moderate hike IMO, not very strenuous except on maybe 3 occasions. I was with an inexperienced hiker and roundtrip took us 5h30, including 1 hour for breaks. I highly recommend starting off with Porter and finishing off with Cascade! Views on top of Cascade are incredible! The route to Porter was really fun, even though the view at the summit is not as spectacular as Cascade.

    Joanna Lozowik reviewed Lyon Mountain Firetower Trail

    4 months ago

    We did this hike yesterday and found it to be moderate. We were all fit and experienced hikers. It took us 1h50 to get to the top, all while taking breaks to grab snacks or water and to look at the scenary (fun mushrooms!). The view on the top is awesome though, especially from the fire tower.

    Joanna Lozowik reviewed Devils Garden Loop Trail with 7 Arches

    5 months ago

    Great and challenging trail! This is not a difficult hike, but there are definitely some “sketchy” parts if you’re afraid of heights (like me).

    We went counterclockwise (so, started towards the right side) and it was the best decision we could have made. It’s much easier going up than down when you’re afraid of heights... we still got nervous in some parts, but only enough to make you feel proud when having gone through it!

    Took us 4 hours and we stopped at all arches.

    Joanna Lozowik reviewed East Rim Trail to Observation Point

    5 months ago

    Loved this hike! Great for hikers who love a challenge but are afraid of heights (I couldn’t do Angel’s Landing). I got to the top in 1h40, taking many breathers on the way there. View on top is great!!

    Crucial recommendation: start as early as possible. I ran into people climbing at 11am and they were hating the heat. Do yourself a favor and make this hike enjoyable by starting early!

    Joanna Lozowik reviewed BCMC Trail

    5 months ago

    I hiked this trail today and had a great time! I’m a moderate hiker and I found this to be the most difficult trail I’ve ever done, because of the steepness + elevation. I’ve done much longer hikes, but this was way more of a workout for me!! That being said, I never felt like giving up and enjoyed every step of the way. Just take your time :)

    It took me just under an hour and a half, with multiple 15 second breaks. I was passed by a lot of people.

    The trail is very well-marked. Recommend it to those who want to enjoy the fun Grouse activities at the top knowing they earned them ;-)

    Joanna Lozowik completed BCMC Trail

    5 months ago