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    Member Since May 2019

    Joan Elmouchi

    Southfield, Michigan 

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    Joan Elmouchi reviewed Niquette Bay State Park

    2 months ago

    This is a little state park that is well worth a visit. The entry fee is four dollars per person. We hiked the Burns Trail going in, did the beach bypass loop, and hiked the Allen trail going out and they are both relatively easy hikes. The beach bypass takes you to a pet swimming area called Calm Cove, and it certainly is. We had a picnic lunch on the wooden steps there, and lay in the sun on a big rock that juts out into the lake. The water level was very high when we were there, and the Ledges Trail was closed due to a bridge being out. No restrooms except for outhouses in the park. But there’s a little free library full of nature books right at the entrance. Sweet!

    Joan Elmouchi completed Niquette Bay State Park

    2 months ago

    Joan Elmouchi reviewed Stowe Pinnacle Trail

    2 months ago

    Don’t let anyone fool you, this is a challenging trail. It goes up the side of a mountain and has some very steep, rocky, rooty climbs. It doesn’t open up at the top, instead throws more boulders your way. We hiked it the week of May 10, and it had a lot of muddy areas. The gnats were also starting to come out, and were especially bad at the bottom half of the trail. We had some Repel bug spray with us, and that helped. Hiking poles were also good to bring. That said, the view from the top is incredible. The two amazing trail dogs were there; they barely open their eyes when hikers come by. We had a picnic lunch at the summit, it was beautiful. However be prepared for more than a moderate walk.

    Joan Elmouchi completed Stowe Pinnacle Trail

    2 months ago