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    Member Since February 2018

    Jim Murray Pro-red@3x

    Wynantskill, New York 

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    Jim Murray added Track - May 25 02:39 PM

    about 1 month ago

    Jim Murray saved Cherry Plain State Park Loop

    about 1 month ago

    Jim Murray reviewed Mount Greylock via Bellows Pipe and Thunderbolt Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Great hike we chose to take the thunderbolt trail up to greylock and take the bellows pipe trail back down. Glad we did it in this direction the thunderbolt trail was as steep as advertised. Over 500 ft the first mile and over a thousand feet the second mile. However you are hiking on wide ski trails which when wet were quite slippery. Another group was descending as we went up and I saw three of the five slip and go down on their bum again glad we went up. The bellows pipe trail was certainly more moderate for those who do not like to ascend the steeps. Great views of the Adams and north Adams valley as well as the peaks of Vermont, if only for a moment or two,as the thick clouds lifted then covered the the mountain again like pulling up the blankets. No expansive views today but still one of my favorite feelings when hiking mountains in the fog. And no rain. Hike is doable with dogs and kids especially on bellows pipe. So get out there and enjoy!

    Jim Murray followed Daigaro Cota

    about 1 month ago

    Jim Murray reviewed Camel's Hump Trail

    3 months ago

    Awesome moderate hike! We took the blue blazed Burrows trail out and back. hard pack snow rail for first mile turns to hard pack snow ice rail to summit micro spikes make it enjoyable. Plenty of post holing by those who chose to climb without spikes and needed to find traction to climb. 2 to 3 ft post holes. Rock cap with 360 degree view is as good as any and well worth the climb. Great view of mount Mansfield, as well as the ski slopes of mount Abraham and Lincoln and the Champlain Valley a little too overcast to see the Adk,s but the high clouds did not disrupt the vast view. Met dogs, a very friendly local three generation familly including three girls from around 10 to teens , and mom who are ascending every month of the year,and their impressive 71 year grandpa leading the charge along with grandma made my heart warm giving me hope for myself as I approach 60. Hiking people are awesome so get out there! 2600 ft 6 miles round trip with view spots 3.0 mi.to summit 2 hours 33 mins 4/7/19

    Jim Murray completed Camel's Hump Trail

    3 months ago