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    Jim Harnish reviewed Mount Langley

    19 days ago

    Summit date: 10/1/2018

    Langley is a test of your commitment. As a ‘fourteener’ there’s not a whole lot to look at and sometimes it feels like a barren moon surface. BUT, it’s a great test of stamina, and anything but boring and much less travelled than if you enjoy solitude and semi private trail blazing, give Langley a try!

    We hiked in from Horseshoe Camping Grounds to Cottonwood Lake #3 and setup base camp. The hike was 8 miles, 1,400 ft elevation gain and took about 6 hours with full pack. .

    Next day we set out for the summit under great weather conditions. From Cottonwood Lake #3 via Old Army Pass and back to camp for a round tip of 10.5 miles, roughly 10 hours with a 3,100 ft elevation gain. The trails are hard to follow on the way up once you emerge from Old Army rim, the elevation gain continuous and unrelenting. Follow the cairns, it’s your best bet. Make sure you travel light and keep your pack under 20 lbs or under if possible and do your best to take 3 liters of water to hydrate. Weather rolled in and we descended quickly to miss cloud cover and the first new storm system for Souther Sierra’s. By the time we left the next day, rain was coming down moderately with winds picking up.

    The hike out of the lakes is always a butt kicker the next day after the summit, so rest up! Make sure to remember which lot you parked in...we had to play ‘find the car’ on the return as I originally thought we parked at the Cottonwood Lakes campsite! After a tough summit and long hike back, looking for your car weighed down with a full pack is not what you want to do.

    All-in-all, Langley is a moderate-to-hard summit with great views of Kings Canyon and the Sierra’s Camping out in the Cottonwoods doesn’t get much better.

    Jim Harnish completed Cottonwood Lakes Trail

    19 days ago

    Jim Harnish completed Mount Langley

    19 days ago

    Jim Harnish completed Cottonwood Lake #1 Trail

    19 days ago

    Jim Harnish added Black Star Canyon Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Jim Harnish completed Andante Loop

    2 months ago

    Jim Harnish saved Chimney Rocks Pass

    2 months ago

    Jim Harnish saved West Fork Trail

    2 months ago

    Jim Harnish reviewed Black Star Canyon Trail

    9 months ago

    Overall, it’s a nice hike to the falls with a couple mile lead in to the trail head on paved roads. I’d say this is a moderate hike unless we have a rainy season in SoCal which means you’ll be scrambling over wet rocks - some areas can be tricky if your not agile. The trail is popular so you will be disappointed if you’re expecting a quiet, peaceful hike with an ample amount of solitude. On the contrary, prepare yourself for lots of young people complete with Bluetooth speakers, blasting rap and hip hop, a few ‘seedy’ types carrying 40’s or six packs, weekend warrior-fitness enthusiasts and as well as a small population of inexperienced hikers in Vans or flip flops who aren’t mindful of right-a-way rules and worse don’t have much respect for the outdoors. Sadly, you will see trash left behind by these knuckheads on the trail and worse, an ever growing epidemic of graffiti on the stream bed rocks (super disappointing). If you can block all this out, Blackstar Canyon does have some idyllic views, nice stretches of shady nooks and the waterfall is quite beautiful when there is rain. Oh, one last note, dogs are allowed and there are many on the trail. It’s worth noting that some people let their big dogs roam free, off leash, so if you’re not a dog person this might worry you. Lastly, some people clean up after their dogs, others do not so keep your eyes open or you may step in a mess!

    Jim Harnish completed Black Star Canyon Trail

    9 months ago

    Jim Harnish saved Mount Langley

    about 1 year ago