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    Jim D reviewed Three Ridges Loop via Appalachian Trail and Mau-Har Trail

    4 months ago

    Excellent trail. Gorgeous views. Challenging, but by no means brutal.

    Jim D saved White Rock Falls Loop

    7 months ago

    Jim D reviewed Black Balsam Knob via Art Loeb Trail

    8 months ago

    Beautiful views. Lots of wildflowers. A nice, enjoyable outing.

    Jim D reviewed High Falls and Triple Falls Tour

    8 months ago

    Nice views of beautiful falls. More of a walk than a hike. Kind of touristy.

    Jim D reviewed Blackrock Summit Via Trayfoot Mountain and Appalachian Trail

    8 months ago

    Great view at summit and rewarding for a short hike. Fair amount of traffic.

    Jim D reviewed Humpback Rocks Loop Via the Appalachian Trail

    8 months ago

    I really enjoyed this hike yesterday (a Fri.) The ascent (counter-clockwise) to the peak is a workout, but definitely doable with some breaks. You do have to deal with a very rocky trail near the top, not a scramble, but probably challenging if not in decent shape. A bonus about this area is that another 3.2 loop (Jack Albright Trail) trailhead is accessible from the Humpback Rock trailhead parking lot. And you can add on to either as the AT is connected to both. The JAT loop was a perfect 2nd hike after doing the HR loop, basically a walk in the woods. Ranger mentioned that he estimated about 6 bears were active in the vicinity. Only saw many people on the up and back to the HR summit.