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    Jim Christman reviewed Kitchen Creek Falls Trail

    5 months ago

    It as mid 90's by the time we got going. We took lots of water, but only made it to about 200 yards beyond the big rock. My sweetie can't take the heat and altitude. She had the drumming heartbeat and had to stop to rest often. I guess you can't beat youth. We're on the high side of 60. Lots of wildflowers. Not a lot of water in the creek. A younger couple told us that the 'falls' were pretty weak. If you're going to hike this trail at this time of year, start early.

    Jim Christman reviewed Woodson Mountain via Hwy 67

    over 1 year ago

    Look, 2 miles straight up is NOT moderate. We watched Marines panting and taking breaks in the shade. On the other hand, the views are spectacular, so the exertion was worth it. Take more water than you could possibly drink. You'll use it. The "chip" is a bit over-hyped. 2 hour wait for a cell phone photo? Really?? Anyway, I'm glad we did it once.

    Jim Christman completed Woodson Mountain via Hwy 67

    over 1 year ago