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    Member Since August 2018

    Jessica Seiber

    Elkton, Kentucky 

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    Jessica Seiber reviewed First Creek Lake Trail

    4 months ago

    Love this trail! May 5 and it had been raining the couple days before, it was muddy but nothing too sloppy, we walked down to the water, tried to catch some of the bluegill we could see in the water, and hiked back up. Didn’t do the full loop but it was a good hike! We will definitely be back to do the full trail! The trail is very clear even with the plants growing like crazy! Wild ferns everywhere! I love it!

    Jessica Seiber completed First Creek Lake Trail

    4 months ago

    Jessica Seiber reviewed Shanty Hollow Lake Trail

    6 months ago

    Beautiful trail, dirt path was clear and had several other little trails you could go off on to get closer to the large rocks. There’s a shallow cave to look into. Waterfall is beautiful and a stream the whole walk. Kid friendly, dog friendly! Will definitely go back!