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    RF Boots reviewed Harris Ranch Trail to Drift Creek

    5 months ago

    Got a late start today but still had the trail to myself. Did not see another soul. The trail was in great shape save for a couple muddy spots that were slippery and the downed tree mentioned in the previous review. Got down to the creek in short time, thanks to gravity. Once there I took some photos, made some ramen noodles and had them with a sandwich and candy bar. I sat for an hour and just listened to the water in the creek rush by. I liked this trail much better than it's counterpart on the other side of the creek. It looked like the fire pit was recently used, no doubt over Memorial Day, and I picked up quite a bit of trash left behind by the previous users. I did not, however, clean up someone's trailside poopy. Yes, someone used the side of the trail for a big old #2, and just left it with the TP on the side of the trail. Disgusting!