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    Jeremy Beckham

    Salt Lake City, Utah 

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    Jeremy Beckham reviewed South Kaibab, Phantom Ranch, and Bright Angel Trail Loop

    3 months ago

    The hike of a lifetime. My advice/observations:

    - Late April was a great time to go, temperature-wise.
    - I do recommend doing at least a moderate amount of training/preparation before tackling this one. I practiced on the stair machine at the gym on a regular basis for a couple months before the day of the hike, and I think that did pay off in making the uphill climb a little more bearable.
    - At no point did the hike feel unsafe or precarious to me, and there was never a point where scrambling was required. Really the only challenge of the hike was simply prolonged, raw physical exertion and having enough endurance/strength.
    - Strongly recommend going down South Kaibob and up Bright Angel, rather than reverse order, for a few different reasons. South Kaibob has a much steeper incline, so going up would be even harder (and Bright Angel is already hard). Also, I think the views on South Kaibob are more breathtaking with the morning sun.
    - You can park your car at the Bright Angel lodge, take a shuttle to South Kaibob, and then you are hiking back to your car.
    - Be sure to start first thing in the morning, crack of dawn, and consider bringing a headlamp, as the last 30 minutes or so of our hike it was now in the dark. It is definitely an all day affair. But so worth it.