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    I’m not sure what “scenic views” this description is talking about. The trail is well maintained but the vast majority of it is extreme green tunnel, we could barely see 3 feet off trail most of the hike.
    There are many marshlands with boardwalks over them, and the trail is quite narrow with a deep depression running along the middle for much of it (which leads me to believe it may have been open to the mountain bikers in the past).
    The best part of the trail is near the lakes where it does actually share the way with the bike friendly trails. Finally the forest opens up.
    That being said, the trail is beautifully maintained, but if you’re looking to see anything but the 3 feet on either side of you, this isn’t the hike for you.

    This is a technically easy but steep trail, with rewarding vistas and forest for the entirety. A little hard to stay on the trail as you reach the summit, because the terrain is strewn with boulders, but well worth the effort one you reach the top.
    We hadn't planned on doing this hike, we only had intentions of visiting Mirror Lake, but decided to tack on the second part. We arrived at the summit around 10am completely shrouded in mist, so we decided to hold out to see if the cloud cover would clear so we could see Mt. Hood. Waited nearly two hours (many others came and went in the time), but the wait was SO worth it. Stunning views of Hood and much of the Cascade range both North and South.

    Really nice trail, clear of most debris and well marked even when intersecting with other trails.
    Note that the 3.7 Mile distance is one way! I didn’t read the description well enough and thought it was 3.7 total (out and back).

    Beautifully kept trail with the chance for some great vistas of the gorge along the way (a rarity with the tree cover on most trails!)
    Definitely very steep but the trail is even and mostly packed dirt. Great to get behind horsetail falls! On the western side of the bridge that crosses Oneonta at the top you can scramble down into the Riverbed and come right up to the edge of the falls into the Oneonta Gorge (which, incidentally is the most beautiful hike in the area if you can beat the crowds)

    Easy out and back trail with beautiful falls. Be advised you hike in downhill so returning will be uphill. Great for a little haunt in the woods!

    Beautiful hike with stunning cliff top views. Huge bang for your buck as this trail is not difficult and offers a huge array of scenery. Winding forest trails, waterfalls, clifftop views and vistas of the lake and pictured rocks, time on the beach, and some gorgeous young growth forest.
    I recommend LOTS of deet, and packing a lunch to eat on the cliffs.

    Beautifully kept trail and stunning views. Mileage is pretty accurate, at least per our GPS trackers. Definitely a difficult trail, but not crazy hard. Steady incline the whole way, without many overly steep inclines. Wire assists in areas with really rocky terrain/close to the cliff side.
    We’re 3 early 30s women in ok shape and it took us about 3.5 hours to summit and about 2.5 to come down- this with some stops to have some granola bars and take in all the stunning views.
    The bagged lunch at the top was pretty solid, good mix of fruit, protein and carbs.
    Definitely wear hiking boots with good traction , much of the trail is jagged rock and is wet even on a sunny day. Ankles take a beating.Hiking sticks are a big help on the way down as well.

    Overall it’s a stunning trail, definitely

    7 months ago

    Nicely maintained trail, beautiful beginnings along the river bed. When they say steep, they mean STEEP. The second half of the climb is rough, mostly hewn stone stairs. Beautiful vistas at the top though!

    8 months ago

    My absolute favorite hike in the Gorge. Because of the easy access its nearly always obnoxiously crowded, but if you get there early (7-8am) you can usually get in to the waterfall before the hoards arrive. The log jam to start makes me feel like a kid again, clambering over obstacles and scooting up rocks on my butt. You will get wet on this hike, I recommend water shoes (not beach water shoes but hiking sandals, Keens or similar) as the entire gorge floor is rock covered.
    Absolutely stunning if you can get there before the crowds.

    Climbed in from the Mirror Lake trailhead, kind of on accident ( we saw the signs and made a spur of the moment decision to hike up). Definitely a steep climb (about 2000 feet over 4 miles), but the terrain changes constantly making for amazing views every half mile or so. Potential for fabulous views of Mt Hood as you hug the hillside, then some beautiful young forest trails, and some craigy rocky terrain towards the top. We arrived around 8am, and when we reached the summit it was still in cloud cover. We'd brought snacks so we sat down to wait out the clouds. One other couple arrived while we were there but they hiked down shortly after. About an hour after we arrived the clouds cleared.
    Spectacular views of the valley, the mountain, and Mirror Lake!

    8 months ago

    Climbs pretty fast but well maintained and easy to follow trail, after a short climb you reach this beautiful and picturesque lake.