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    Jennifer Iizuka reviewed Red Rocks: Top of the Rainbow Mountain Escarpment

    4 months ago

    This was a great hike this morning. Good breeze, enough people that I wasn't nervous hiking on my own. Lots of uphill, good climbs. I kept going at the end of the trail and did what I like to call "baby bouldering" to the summit cairn with the ledger.

    Jennifer Iizuka reviewed Oak Creek Horse Trail

    4 months ago

    Took this trail a few weeks ago - nice easy hike. Really more of a walk, and lots of trails to deviate on to. The creek was bubbling though, and that was nice.

    Jennifer Iizuka completed Oak Creek Horse Trail

    4 months ago

    Jennifer Iizuka reviewed White Rock / La Madre Springs Loop Trail

    4 months ago

    I did this trail last spring - started raining halfway through and I started having flash flood fear. (There was not nearly enough rain for that, but I grew up in Las Vegas and flash floods are a thing.) A nice long hike, not too challenging.