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    Member Since February 2018

    Jennie B.

    Denver, Colorado 

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    Jennie B. saved Raccoon Trail

    10 days ago

    Jennie B. saved Hells Hole Trail

    10 days ago

    Jennie B. completed Mount Bierstadt Trail

    27 days ago

    Jennie B. reviewed Cascade Creek Trail to Mirror Lake and Crater Lake

    29 days ago

    Took my 6lb Yorkie and we trekked in and out in 7 hrs 18 min. 36 degrees when we started and hit about no more then 68 degrees. Trail is well marked and all the falls are flowing strong and gorgeous. The one challenge that comes to mind minus the mileage is all the loose rocks on the trail. Most of this trail is rocky and honestly not my favorite part. Crater lake was serene and tranquil. I would not do this again however, happy we completed it. Aspens are starting to turn over as well!

    Jennie B. saved Kanarra Creek Canyon Trail

    about 1 month ago