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    Jennifer Gonzales completed Humphrey's Peak

    2 months ago

    Jennifer Gonzales added 5/8/17 zbj

    over 1 year ago

    Jennifer Gonzales reviewed Echo Canyon Summit Trail

    almost 2 years ago

    As awesome as this trail could be, the crowds are awful. And I now understand why people have to get helicoptered off the mountain all the time. I saw families with one bottle of water for everyone to share. I was amazed with the people who were just literally running down the mountain, jumping down over boulders, blatantly hurling past everyone, I mean I guess that's your prerogative but I see why people get broken limbs. The worst part is between the inexperienced hikers and trail runners, NO ONE SEEMS TO HAVE ANY TRAIL MANNERS! Like ppl are shoving past other ppl on the boulders! some with obviously bad knees ( I mean come on an older lady had two knee braces!) and small children! Really!? Is beating your time by another 15 mins to get up the mountain that important to endanger yourself and others!? All this in combination with the boulder scrambling, unexpectedly smooth boulders, loose gravel, it's surely a shit show.

    Jennifer Gonzales reviewed Hoopii Falls Trail

    almost 2 years ago