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    Jen Tanner


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    Jen Tanner reviewed Pfeifferhorn (via Red Pine Lakes Trail)

    4 days ago

    This was one of the most incredible hikes I’ve done lately. We paced a 22 min mile to Red Pine, but once we hit the boulder fields our pace was much slower. Highly recommend you do this hike in a group and download the map, very helpful. I’d say this is one of the most technical hikes I’ve done. Also when going over the scramble go on the sunny side. Once you get passed the scramble you can “walk” up to the summit. It’s hard, but the view is breathtaking! I clocked almost 12 miles and completed it in 7.5 hours so pacing about a 37 minute mile. Bring lots of water, I also packed a ton of those GU packs and high caloric snacks.

    Jen Tanner reviewed Lake Blanche Trail

    10 days ago

    This trail is such a rewarding challenge!!The elevation gain was steady and I was able to keep a good pace. Watched the moose splashing around in the lake. The trail is very easy to follow. I paced a 26 minute mile, took me 2 hours and 40 minutes to go up and back (not including the time I spent enjoying the lake). Go early before the crowds. I got up there at 7 and was able to park in the lot.

    Jen Tanner completed Lake Blanche Trail

    10 days ago

    Jen Tanner saved Lake Blanche Trail

    10 days ago

    Jen Tanner saved Lake Solitude Trail

    17 days ago

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    24 days ago

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    24 days ago