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    Jeffery Cain saved Dix Range

    20 days ago

    Jeffery Cain added Hollow Oak Loop

    about 1 month ago

    Jeffery Cain reviewed Great Range Loop Trail

    9 months ago

    Didnt hit the entire range this trip but did create a lolly pop loop with Saddle Back and Basin. Started early at the Garden trailhead, hiked along Johns Brook and then cached my gear at a campsite just past JBL on the right. The hike along JB is a peaceful easy climb, about a 1000ft in 3 miles. Good warm up for the steeps ahead. After lightening the load, headed upstream about a mile then turned left at Bushnells Falls. This is where the pitch starts to steepen a bit. Steady climb to Slant Rock then another left toward Haystack and Basin. Some cool views of Marcy and Haystack along this section. Turning left again at a trail split is the final ascent up Basin. Some ladders and super steep sections then summit. The climbing is hard although its worth it! The views from Basin are some of the best. Haystack, Marcy, and Skylight are front and center. Johns Brook Valley sits below and the rest of the Great Range is laid out like dominos to the right. Its breathtaking and at the same time daunting, glimpsing the rugged path ahead to Saddleback. Its another mile to Saddleback, culminating at the infamous Saddleback cliffs to summit. Steep, exposed, and definitely anxiety provoking. The sights from Saddleback are great as is the view of Gothics sheer face as you make the descent to the Orebed Trail split. After summitting 2 peaks, i pointed toward base camp. Orebed trail follows the path of a newer slide which allows some nice views of the valley and Big Slide in the distance. I crashed at camp for the night, then hiked out in the morning. Long and challenging but an awesome hike.

    Jeffery Cain completed Great Range Loop Trail

    9 months ago

    Jeffery Cain reviewed Mount Colden via Avalanche Pass Trail

    9 months ago

    No quick way to get to Colden so its a longer hike but to be honest, compared to other high peaks, the overall grades are not that steep. Due to all the rain this season, the terrain is pretty muddy, especially around Lake Arnold. Views at the summit are impressive, Marcy and the Great Range to the SE and the McIntyre Range to the NW.

    Jeffery Cain added Armstrong Mountain

    10 months ago

    Jeffery Cain added Lake Placid Kayaking

    10 months ago