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    Jeff Sandman

    St. Petersburg, Florida 

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    Jeff Sandman reviewed Navajo Loop and Queen's Garden Trail

    14 days ago

    go down the Wall Street side - the descent into the canyon is beautiful...come back up via Queen's Garden...crowded but one of the two best hikes our family did out of all the Parks in Utah...kids loved it - looks like your on another planet...there is some decent shade...pretty significant elevation change - we did a lot of rest stops

    Jeff Sandman reviewed Delicate Arch Trail

    19 days ago

    Arrived at 7:45 and the parking lot was half-full. This trail is a bit tough, properly labeled as "moderate" and not "easy". Most of the hike is wide open - no shade to speak of. It gets a bit easier after you make it up the wide open rock slope. There are a few narrow walkways above drop-offs but the trail is never less than 4-5 feet wide. The trail was crowded, but it was worth it. The arch is great, and folks were doing a good job of taking turns walking out to it for pictures. We did it in a total of 2 hours, including the 20 or so minutes spent at the top. Make sure you take the short detour at the beginning or end to see the petroglyphs.

    Jeff Sandman completed Delicate Arch Trail

    19 days ago

    Jeff Sandman reviewed Valley of the Goblins

    19 days ago

    If you have energetic children that like climbing things, take them here. We didn't pay attention to the "trail", we just ran around and climbed on the goblins. It's a bit of a drive to the middle of nowhere, but the 8 year old said it was worth the drive so that works for us.

    Jeff Sandman completed Valley of the Goblins

    19 days ago

    Jeff Sandman reviewed Willis Creek Narrows Trail

    23 days ago

    If you can handle the drive in, this is a great hike. We did it in a minivan but it wasn't easy...the road is very rutted, steep, sandy in places and requires a few creek crossings. Just when you think there is no chance that you are in the rght place, the parking lot appears (a little over 6 miles from Kodachrome Rd. / Cottonwood Canyon Rd. on Skutumpah Rd. just south of Cannonville). As for the hike, it is awesome...we did it with small children and they loved it. On the day we went, the water level was such that it could be avoided if you wanted to keep your feet dry, but we just wore water shoes and went with it. We turned around after about 1.5 miles because we understand that is the end of the slots. Not real sure where the elevation figure comes from that is listed in the description because there is no discernable elevation change (at least in the portion of the trail we did). If you don't mind puckering up a bit for the drive in, you must do this hike.