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    Member Since March 2019

    Jeff Hunter

    Simi Valley, California 

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    Jeff Hunter reviewed Vernal and Nevada Falls via the Mist Trail

    12 days ago

    Been doing this every year since I was a kid, now in my 60's. We did a beginner backpack to little Yosemite valley in the 1970's. Took an exchange student from Thailand. Myself (Navy) and 2 Marines. This guy from Thailand brought dried squid......cooked it over an open fire. Boy did we have Bears that night ! We couldn't get the exchange student out of the tent.....LOL! One of the Marines had a medical issue so he hiked down to the valley floor to get his Meds, then back at night. He pretty much jogged it, but things were going bump in the night. He was pretty scared when he got back. Lots of Granite, plenty of water if you filter it. Usually someone will get killed going over the falls every year or so, don't be stupid. One year a guy rode the chute (Slide) down into the Emerald pool. Shattered his ankle on the rock at the bottom. He had to sit there for many hours waiting for a Mule to get him out.

    Jeff Hunter reviewed San Bernardino Peak Trail via Angelus Oaks

    12 days ago

    Did this in 1997 with a beginner GF in October. Quick weekend hike. Easy elevation to Columbine Spring. Had 2 dogs with us. Spring was still active so water available. Great colors. At one point in the trail the brush was narrow and took its toll on our shins, so long pants recommended.

    Jeff Hunter reviewed John Muir Trail: Yosemite Valley to Tenaya Lake

    12 days ago

    Did this trail in the 1980's. From Tenaya to the floor. We had a side trip to the High Sierra camp at Merced lake to get food. Bear got to us. This was back in the day when you did counter balance on a tree branch, didnt work. Mostly downhill as I had a beginner GF with me. But it allowed us to hike from Tenaya then Marced lake to the valley floor. Beautiful and well worth the trip.

    Jeff Hunter reviewed Ostrander Lake Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Went up Sept 13th spent the night then down. This is not a moderate hike for beginners or old guys like me. We had a hard time with the elevation and the exposed (HOT) and steep last half, this is where the elevation kicks in. I brought two 33 ounce bottles and was out about a half mile from the top. Yellow jackets abound and they got in our food, you just have to deal with it, after the sun goes down they go away. BUT they already had out tent staked out in the morning LOL ! Waiting for chow. Had one drown in my Coffee, another dead while heating up my eggs. Bear canisters not touched. Some Bear scat but no sightings. Full moon so beautiful scenery, WELL WORTH THE EFFORT !. On trip down Saturday ran into folks that were totally NOT PREPARED for the elevation climb. Out of water, no filter, etc. This is rated as Moderate but for me, and a few others we ran into, the last half of this climb is brutal if your not prepared.

    Jeff Hunter completed Ostrander Lake Trail

    about 1 month ago