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    Member Since August 2018

    Jeanne Panciera Pro-red@3x

    Bremerton, Washington 

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    Jeanne Panciera reviewed Lower South Fork Skokomish Trail

    30 days ago

    Backpacked from Lower parking lot up 4 miles to Camp Comfort. With 25 lbs on board, hiking is a little more difficult. It was a hot day and did not have to worry about water as there are countless streams running down the hillsides to the Skokomish River. There were several good places to put up a tent on the river at Camp Comfort at 4 mi. It was kinda buggy in the evening but not too bad (yet). One other person was camped in my area at Camp Comfort and 2 folks were hammock camping across the river. The sound of the river was lovely background music. Next morning was slightly overcast and about 48 degrees F. Meandered for about 3 hours before packing up and returning to the trailhead. Only a few blowdowns that were easily navigable. Saw fresh bear tracks in camp, 1 coyote, 2 garter snakes, about 10 dogs and 30 people over the course of 36 hours.

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