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    Member Since February 2015

    John L Stokinger

    Middleburg, Pennsylvania 

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    John L Stokinger reviewed Pleasant Mountain via Southwest Ridge Trail

    2 months ago

    I was the first person on the trail after the recent snow. There was 2" of crusty fresh snow on top of 6-8" at the bottom. There was 4"+ of new snow on top of 24"+ at the top. Gorgeous sunny day in low 30s to start and low 40s to end. I only hiked 3.9 miles (round trip) going to the southernmost peak, which has the radio towers. From there I had a great view of Mount Washington and the Presidentials. I met two groups of hikers on my down.

    There's a very good description in the book "Mountains for Mortals, scenic summits for hikers", by Ron and Nancy Chase.

    John L Stokinger reviewed Hairy John Trail Loop

    3 months ago

    5" of fresh snow last night made this a very pretty walk. The State Park had just started plowing out the parking lots. There are 3 separate lots and only one was plowed so I parked with no real idea which parking lot had the trail access. I headed into the woods bush-whacking up the slope. I never intercepted the mid-state trail but eventually reached the ridgeline and turned left (west). "My" loop resulted in 3.4 miles. The trail along the ridge is marked with red-orange blazes, spaced quite a ways apart at times. The trail is not obvious but stay high on the ridge and you keep finding the blazes. The last portion is less interesting, following the road back to the picnic area.

    John L Stokinger reviewed Jacoby Hollow

    5 months ago

    A great day in the woods. Approx. 8" of snow in the woods. Hikers had previously snowshoed and hiked in so we did not need our snowshoes or micro-spikes. Today we were alone in the woods. According to our GPS the trail is probably closer to 1.9 miles, one way, versus the 1.6 listed in the description. The walk is easy and no bugs in January. The falls make the walk very worthwhile. Ice from top to bottom of the falls(see our pics).

    John L Stokinger completed Jacoby Hollow

    5 months ago

    John L Stokinger reviewed Peters Mountain Ridge via Appalachian Trail

    5 months ago

    Great hike, A dusting of snow at the base and 1-2" on the shady side of the top. Upper 20s and mostly sunny. We did the loop counter clockwise without taking the spur to the lean to. 3.9 miles according to the GPS. We only saw one other pair with their dog. Numerous animal tracks in the snow. We might not have needed them but we used micro spikes on the way down and it made more secure footing.

    John L Stokinger reviewed Flat Rock Trail

    over 4 years ago