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    Member Since September 2019

    Jaymie Christensen

    Kaysville, Utah 

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    Jaymie Christensen reviewed Adams Canyon Trail

    4 days ago

    Great for a quick burn! Love it in summer or Fall. Good incline and a tiny bit of scrambling required. My kids have done this hike. Just make sure you watch your footing on the rocks and have good tread.
    Today the Fall colors were still bold but probably not much longer. there was intermittent ice in the water crossing between rocks up high so be careful you don’t slip. Icicles along the sides of the waterfall!

    Jaymie Christensen reviewed Lewis Peak Via South Skyline Trail

    9 days ago

    My Strava said 11.2 miles total!
    This trail is beautiful! One of those trails that is beautiful the whole time. Views from every angle throughout. I loved this today with the Fall colors. I’ve also loved it in the summer with the beautiful green. Makes me feel like I’m in the highlands when you are on the ridge and can see down Into valleys on either side of the mountain. Someday I’ll visit the highlands and see if this is even close. Ha ha!

    Jaymie Christensen completed Circle All Peak

    14 days ago