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    Member Since February 2016

    Jason Grooms Pro-red@3x

    San Diego, California 

    The truth is, when I first started hiking as a kid in the Boy Scouts, I hated it. It wasn't until I got older (and wiser) that I really found the love of the trail. For me, it's about forward movement. I'm taking steps, enjoying the journey, and making progress towards a goal, sometimes even a crazy one. I started hiking all over Florida but then I moved to Washington state and fell in love with the mountains. The hills called to me and summits became my siren. Now in Southern California, I walk a new part of the PCT. I dream of peaks and fantasize about the torture of a final ascent. I am not the fastest and I am not the strongest, but I do not quit and I love just being on the trail.

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    backpackingbird watchingcampinghikingnature tripswalking