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    Jason Engelmann reviewed Black Mountain from Lake George

    5 months ago

    My favorite Lake George Hike! I usually get dropped off at Black Mt Point or you can rent a day site to have a dock for your boat. Hike offers some cool terrain and the top is breathtaking. You can see Vermont and have great views of the Northern & Southern lake. Looking over the islands is the 'narrows' is cool too. I have been doing this hike for about 15 years now and always find it challenging as it gets very steep, almost to the point of needing to climb. The steepness makes the hike down tough as well, but take a plunge when you get to the botton as black mtn point has some easy swimming!

    Jason Engelmann reviewed Emerald Lake Trail

    5 months ago

    Beautiful, easy hike with great views & mountain lakes! The park can be a bit of a zoo with so many people, but the trail was not too bad and thins out towards the end (Emerald Lake). Parking is rough, we arrived late at 10am and the ranger told us there was no parking or shuttles beyond the main gate and we should travel back to Estes for a shuttle. We elected to ignore his advice, and were able to find a parking spot on a side lot that was small, but about a quarter mile down the road from a larger lot that had a shuttle. This worked out perfectly, traveling back to Estes would have had us not hiking until much later in the day. There are also less traveled trails off this one if you are looking for more seclusion. If you can only do 1 RMNP hike and are with some less experience hikers, this is your hike!

    Jason Engelmann completed Emerald Lake Trail

    5 months ago