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    Jerry Huller completed Maxwell Falls Lower Trail

    over 4 years ago

    Jerry Huller reviewed Maxwell Falls and Cliff Trail Loop Trail

    over 4 years ago

    This is not so much a review as a correction to the directions. The directions on the website assume you are coming from the north of Evergreen (it makes a difference for the turn in the center of Evergreen). There is no Black Mountain Road. It's Black Mountain Drive. There is really no turn from S. Brook Forest Road onto S. Black Mountain Drive; one street becomes the other.

    Here are some alternative directions (note also that you can also get there via US-285 and Conifer): From C-470, take the Morrison Road exit heading west on Highway 8. In the town of Morrison, continue straight (west) on Highway 74 for about 10.6 miles. In downtown Evergreen, turn left at the stoplight onto Highway 73. Go about 1 mile to S. Brook Forest Road. Turn right and go about 5.2 miles. You will pass the lower trail head. S. Brook Forest Road becomes S. Black Mountain Drive (CR-78). Go about 1.25 miles on S. Black Mountain Drive to the upper trail head. It's on the left (north) side of the road, and is marked with a large metal sign.

    To get to the falls (and the water stream), you have to hike down from the main trail. There are several well-worn paths you can take. You have to climb up a few rocks to get a good view.