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    Member Since July 2019

    Jamie Klein Pro-red@3x

    Amalfi, Campania, Italy 

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    Jamie Klein reviewed Path of the Gods: Bomerano to Positano

    11 days ago

    Incredible walk. You do not need a guide, although I’m sure a guide can give you insights into the history of the path and the surroundings you find yourself walking in.

    My wife and I started from The Bomerano end out of Amalfi. When you catch the Argerola Bus in Amalfi center, just let the driver know you are going to Bomerano. He will make a point of stopping. The start of the walk is on the left side of the road and slightly behind the bus stop. Walk through town and look for signs and a red mark on the stones to lead your way. If there are questions about directions, ask a local. They are happy to help.

    Before you start, there is a nice coffee shop at the stop. They are friendly and accommodating. A quick espresso is a nice way to start a walk.

    Here are a few simple suggestions. Wear adequate walking shoes. We saw a few people in sandals. While they probably succeeded in completing the walk, I am certain their poor feet were not happy. There is a fair amount of scrambling. Nothing terrible, but not fun in sandals. Second, if it’s summer, start as early as you can from Amalfi. The first bus was 7:10 a.m., and although the entire walk only took us three hours, it was getting hot when we descended into Positano. Three, take your time. Enjoy the scenery and views. We saw far too many people in far to big of a hurry. I guarantee they did not have the same experience my wife and I did. You have lots and lots of time. It’s not a race. The walk is described as taking 4 to 5 hours. As I mentioned, it only took us 3, and the last 45 minutes of that was the 1500 stairs from Nocello into Positano (we found that to be the most difficult part of the walk). Plus, we stopped for a LOT of photos. Finally, take a hat and at least 48 ounces of water per person in your group.

    Hope this was helpful. Enjoy! It was one of the most beautiful, if not THE most beautiful walk I’ve ever been on.