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    Member Since July 2014

    James Western

    Sandy, Utah 

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    James Western reviewed Sundial Peak via Lake Blanche Trail

    about 1 month ago

    The key elements of making this the most positive experience is to find the best route from Lake Blanche to Sundial Peak. Having done this multiple times, there is a route that prevents one from having to walk over rock slabs and boulders on the both the west and south sides of the Signal Peak area.

    Once you are on the south side of Lake Blanche, stay close to the water stream that runs down the large rock slope just west of the cliffs that are part of Sundial Peak route. You will see some cairns when you get close to the group of pine trees that are on the east side of the stream. If you look upward to the east, you will see a saddle between two peaks on the north and south, that way you know you are in the right area. Once you find the cairns, keep following them. They will lead you east to hit the ridge and ascend onto a long beautiful meadow with various rock slopes that aren't steep. Keep going until you see the cairns that indicate you should begin heading northwest to ascend Sundial Peak. The route to the peak is a bit of a scramble upwards, finding the best route to make it to the top.

    For your benefit, I posted pictures of the rock slope with the water line, the saddle with the trees to show you the better route to follow and a view of the route to Sundial Peak from the meadow above the saddle.

    James Western reviewed Kessler Peak Trail

    2 months ago

    Beautiful views from the top of Kessler Peak of all the other peaks in Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. Steep hike but good trail. Having hiking poles is a good idea for hiking to ensure you don't slip or slide down the steep trail.

    James Western completed Kessler Peak Trail

    2 months ago

    James Western reviewed Red Pine Lake Trail

    3 months ago

    Hiked to Red Pine lake in the mid afternoon on Father's Day. Nice and comfortable hike. Just wear microspikes for the last mile to make things easier. Beautiful view at the lake.

    James Western completed Red Pine Lake Trail

    3 months ago

    James Western reviewed Mount Olympus Trail

    4 months ago

    Great time of year for the hike as the temperature is comfortable. I used poles on the way up where snow covered the trail and microspikes on my hiking boots on the decent where snow was present. The views from the top of Mount Olympus are gorgeous with snow at the top and buds and blossoms developing below.

    James Western completed Mount Olympus Trail

    5 months ago

    James Western updated Lone Peak Wilderness Trails

    over 3 years ago