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    2 months ago

    7 months ago

    7 months ago

    7 months ago

    This is a great trail but there aren't many posted signs as to where the trail starts or ends.

    We couldn't find all of the trails and one trail goes right through the camp grounds it.

    We ended up exploring many of the unoffical trails and caves instead.

    If you aren't interested in swimming, then go during the posted winter schedule and go during the week. almost no one was there until about 3 pm then it got busier but not to busy that it was crowded.

    A nice well maintained gravel trail. hidden in the trees running a long a stream with some moderate loops and couple off trails we didn't have time to explore.

    We plan on going back and exploring all the trails and loops.

    Sunday, March 06, 2016

    Saturday, January 30, 2016

    Tuesday, May 26, 2015

    The trails at Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve are impressive. The trails are maintained and almost no trash on the trails. They are currently building a new center and should be open soon.

    We didn't get to stay long because it started to rain. Because of all the rain all of the soft and natural surface trails were closed and several of the concrete trails were under water. We exploring the park again in the near future.

    There are 3.5 miles of concrete trails and 5 miles of soft surface trails located along Rowlett Creek. Nature trails are open from sunrise to sunset daily.

    This is a dog friendly park but you must keep them leashed. Make sure to bring your bags to pick up their waste. They do not have baggie stations but they do have several trash cans along the paths.

    Make sure to bring plenty of water. There isn't any water stations along the paths and these trails can get hot during the summer months.

    Monday, May 25, 2015

    Good: This is a great set of trails but with all the rain, sections of the trails had several inches of water on them. The trails are mostly shaded but it can get hot in the summer so bring some water with you. The trails are also clean and there are plenty of trash cans along the way.

    If you are hiking these trails, make sure to watch out for the bikes. For the most part they they announce their presence and go around the walkers. Just make sure to move out of the way the trail is crowed.

    Bad: The main trails are concrete but are not labeled. You might get lost if you aren't paying attention to where you have been.

    We actually had to pull out our GPS to figure out how to get back to our car. There are also a ton of small natural surface paths that need to be explored.

    I would have given this trail five stars but when the trails aren't marked, it can cause problems for some.

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