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    Member Since March 2012

    James Hammond

    San Diego, California 

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    James Hammond reviewed Grapevine Canyon Trail [PRIVATE PROPERTY]

    5 days ago

    fun trail overall. one section will require extra clearance. most of the road is through a wash, making it fun to drive through the soft sand. very hot in the summer, not many places to stop for shade. part of the road is a private road but there is no gate. sign posted states you cant go off the road or get out of vehicle while on this small portion of trail.

    James Hammond reviewed Palomar Divide Road [CLOSED]

    7 days ago

    7/9/19, trail is open. I didnt run the whole thing but it is open. I drove about 9 miles of it before turning around.

    James Hammond reviewed High Point Truck Trail [CLOSED]

    7 days ago

    trail was open 7/9/19. really fun and moderate trail. lots of offshoots for those who want more technical stuff. can do most of it in 2wd, but will need clearance for rocks and ruts.

    James Hammond reviewed Black Canyon and Pamo OHV Road

    15 days ago

    black canyon rd is just a dirt road. it leads to Santa Ysabel truck trail that connects with black mountain truck trail, which in turn leads out to pamo rd. The truck trail portion is easy but fun. Will need clearance in some places. Great views.

    James Hammond reviewed Maple Spring Trail

    17 days ago

    A fun trail to say the least. It basically a fire road with a few offshoots with some harder terrain. Can be done in 2wd. Amazing views made the tamer drive worth it.

    James Hammond completed Maple Spring Trail

    17 days ago

    James Hammond reviewed Lusardi Truck Trail

    23 days ago

    the trail itself is fairly short and easy. Eventually you run into a closed gate. like everything else in the area it seems. The trail has a few creek crossings, nothing beyond a few inches deep though. Can probably be done in 2wd but will need decent clearance.

    James Hammond completed Lusardi Truck Trail

    23 days ago

    James Hammond saved Willow Creek OHV Trail

    over 1 year ago

    James Hammond reviewed Black Mountain Truck Trail

    over 1 year ago

    Great trail. didnt use 4 wheel drive at all.

    James Hammond completed Black Mountain OHV Trail

    over 1 year ago