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    James Crosland reviewed Mount Zirkel Loop Trail

    3 months ago

    Did my first solo backpacking trip here in late June. And went counter clockwise. I camped the first like above Gold Creek Lake in a nice meadow. I had had a late start so I took my time. There were three crossings on the way the south side of Gilpin Lake including a intimidating log crossing with all the runoff flowing fast and high beneath.

    Day two I peaked the pass to Lake Gilpin. The last thousand vertical feet on both side was snow covered with no signs of a trail, but the trail map I had with topography gave me a pretty good idea where I was going. Once I peaked the view was amazing. Lake still partially frozen. The trail down was hard to see but once the snow gave way to rock underneath the lake it was back to the regular trail. One deep crossing below the lake and then a good hike back to the car.

    James Crosland reviewed Gore Lake

    3 months ago

    Was an awesome trail. I was up there on business and brought my back pack. Took me over 6 hours to climb up and 4:15 to get down while carrying a 45 lbs pack. Ended up staying two nights.

    Pretty consistent trail pitch until you hit the grave site. The next steep section is what we nicknamed the "hurt locker" as it wasn't a lot of fun and very challenging. Then you hit a beautiful little valley with amazing wild flowers and scenery. Followed but some more steep terrain to get to the lake we called the "Hillary Step."

    Being a flatlander it can be challenging with the altitude, but over all one of the best backpacking trips I've done. Be sure to say hello to the friendly mountain goats by the lake. We camped on the south side of the lake by a fire pit and were visited twice a day by the goats, thus naming this spot "goat camp" as they came in and grazed by us in the morning and evening.

    James Crosland completed Gore Lake

    3 months ago

    James Crosland saved Gore Lake

    4 months ago

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