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    Member Since August 2019

    Jag Sandhu Pro-red@3x

    Oakland, California 

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    Jag Sandhu reviewed Rodeo Valley Trail To Miwok Trail Loop Via Coastal Trail

    6 days ago

    Watch out for bikers, they come from both directions. As pointed out by other reviewers, you'll have to take Smith Trail to get to Rodeo Valley Trail from Jilian Trail; just go left on Bunker Road for about 100m and you'll see the trail sign. Moderate hike at best.

    Jag Sandhu saved Cone Peak Loop

    8 days ago

    Jag Sandhu completed Muir Beach to Rodeo Beach

    14 days ago

    Jag Sandhu reviewed Muir Beach to Rodeo Beach

    14 days ago

    MAYBE 1/10th off the hike is hard, rest is easy to moderate. Decent views when you get to Rodeo beach.Took about 2hrs each way, although coming back from Rodeo beach seemed easier.